Virgina is for Lovers

In mid- August, my wife and I quit our jobs, packed up our lives, went on a cross-country rock n’ roll tour with my brother’s band and landed in Roanoke, Virginia. After nine amazing years in Wilmington, we have left friends, family and the beauty of the Atlantic-O to join in serving a new church in the Roanoke area called, The Dwelling Place. Our friends Dave and Joy Fuller began the church. To find out about them, click here.

We are loving the beauty of fall in Virginia, as well as the stream of exceptionally cool people we continue to meet. Robin and I look forward to settling into our new home and providing many Lovers with ceremonial guitar music.

To Wilmington friends: I love you and miss you. October might be the best month of all for a beach walk with a beer in hand – please enjoy one for me! And if you know of anyone who would like guitar for their special event in the ILM, don’t hesitate to call. I’m not that far away.


Much Love,